C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021

Rules & Regulations of C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021

Rules & Regulations of C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021

 (Race Day: April 10th)


Chinese Athletics Association、Xiamen Municipal Government


Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Sports

Xiamen Media Group 

Siming Municipal Government of Xiamen

Huli Municipal Government of Xiamen


Xiamen Athletics Association


Xiamen Culture Media Sports Co., Ltd


7:00 a.m. Saturday, April 10th, 2021


Marathon (42.195KM)


Individual Marathon (Men, Women)


The Start & Finish: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center (The Start) → Huizhan Road → South Huizhan Road → East Island Ring Blvd → South Island Ring Blvd → Yanwu Bridge → Lujiang Ave → South Hubin Road (Retracing Point) → Lujiang Ave → Yanwu Bridge →South Island Ring Blvd→ East Island Ring Blvd (Retracing Point)→ South Huizhan Road → Huizhan Road → Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center (The Finish).


(I) This competition will follow the latest rules and regulations approved by Chinese Athletic Association, China Marathon Event Organization Guidelines and the rules of Xiamen Marathon 2021.  

(II) Start waves: 

The race will start in separate waves. Further instructions will be given according to applications.  

 (III) Start order: 

Top athletes will be followed by other runners in separate corrals according to their personal race results.

 (IV)  Roll call: 

1.Top athletes approved by the organizing committee must have separate roll call in the designated area 30 minutes prior to the race. Contestants failing to go through the roll call will not be recorded in the official race results. 

2.Timing chips and bib number check will be carried out for general runners, who will need to go through the roll call in respective corrals within the specified time. 

3.Later corral runners are NOT allowed to move to earlier corrals. Earlier corral runners, though, are free to move to a later corral. Violation of this rule will be subject to the cancellation of the race result and the ranking and a one-year ban. 

4.No runners are allowed to start 10 minutes after the last wave.

 (V) Timing method:

1. Timing chips will be used, which start working when contestants cross the start line. Contestants must wear the disposable timing chips provided by the organizing committee in order to validate the race results.  

2. Timing carpets are placed at the start line, every 5KM point, half point (21.0975KM), retracing point and the finish line. Runners shall run through each timing carpet during the race. Those who finish within the cut-off time but without complete records from all timing points will not be qualified for final ranking. 

 (VI) Cut-off time:

To ensure the safety of all contestants and the operation of the city traffic, after the cut-off time of each point, timing carpet will stop working, and public traffic in this section will be back to normal. Contestants shall stop racing and leave the course in time, waiting for the event pick-up vehicle or taking public transportation to the finish line. Contestants failing to follow this rule will have to take corresponding legal and economic responsibilities for the accident arises. 

Cut-off time is subject to the gun time. See the following chart for details:



Cut-Off Time (after each wave


Start Line

10 minutes after the last wave



















Notes: If there   being special cases, the organizing committee is empowered to decide on early   cut-offs, which contestants shall follow.

 (VII) Baggage Deposit and Collection: 

Contestants can deposit personal belongings by the order of bib number at designated area before the race. After finishing the race, contestants shall go to respective area for collection. Baggage collection will be available by 14:30 on race day. Those who are unable to collect the baggage by above-mentioned time can go to the front desk of Xiamen Media Group Sports Co., Ltd (address: 5th Floor, North Wing of Hongtai Center Cultural and Creative Park, 307-2 Hubin East Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Tel: 0592-5372205/5372206) to claim or ask for paid delivery within 5 days after the race. After this five-day, all unclaimed baggage will be disposed by the organizing committee.

It is not suggested to leave valuables in the bags. In case of any damage or loss, contestants shall take responsibilities by themselves.

 (VIII) Water, Energy drink and Refreshments stations will follow the instructions from China Marathon Event Organization Guidelines, please see details in Runners’ Guide.  

 (IX) Medical Aid

1. Medical aid stations will be set at the start area, each 2.5KM after 5KM and the finish area.

2. AED first aid service will be provided along the race course.

3. Medical aid volunteers will serve along the race course, assisting in medical aid and maintaining race order. Contestants can ask help from them when needed. During the race, the medical group leader is empowered to give instructions to abandon the race and take back the bib number of the contestant on basis of the physical situation. If the contestant refuses to follow the instructions given by the on-site medical crew and insists on continuing the race, all the consequences and responsibilities arising shall be borne by the contestant. In case of losing consciousness during the race, the organizing committee will be in automatic commission to take every means for emergency aid, including but not limited to CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation), AED, and fast transfer via rented vehicle or aircraft. 

 (X) Doping control will be conducted according to relevant regulations.

 (XI) Race result certificate. For contestants who have finished the race within the specified cut-off time, please log into the official website after the race to search, download and print the race result certificate.

 (XII) Please read the Runners’ Guide and relevant instructions for other specific requirements and arrangements of the race.


(I) Age requirement: All contestants shall be at least 20 years old by race day (born before April 10th, 2001). 

(II) Physical requirement: Marathon is an athletic sport of high load and great intensity over long distances. It is also a high-risk athletic sport which has high physical demands on contestants. Those who wish to participate in Marathon race shall be in healthy condition with long-term experiences in long-distance running and have confirmed the relevant regulations in the Participant Statement. Anyone who has any of the following diseases is prohibited to participate in the race:    

1. Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease.

3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases.

4. Coronary artery disease and server irregular heartbeat.

5. Diabetes.

6. Having cold symptoms two weeks prior to the race.

7. Drinking lots of hard alcohol or lack of sleep the night before the race.

8. Infectious diseases.

9. Pregnant.

10. Other diseases not suitable for sports.

 (III) Epidemic prevention requirements

Application will be accepted for runners from low-risk areas (no limitation of nationality).

 (IV) Registration  

1. Event capacity: 12,000. Please log into the official website www.xmim.org or follow xiamenmls on WeChat for registration.

2. Applicants who gained the race qualification for January 3rd Xiamen Marathon, will be qualified to join this race after registration and payment. Failing to register and pay will be regarded as waiver of qualification. The openings will be given to applicants who have registered and paid by the draw until full capacity.

3. Please pay attention to the Registration Notice announced on the official website, WeChat and Weibo.

4. Applicants having direct qualification for the race:

1) Top athletes invited by the organizing committee. 

2) Applicants with Xiamen Marathon Permanent Race Number. Runners who have participated in Xiamen Marathon for accumulative 10 years and have finished the race within the cut-off time (subject to history race results) can apply for their own race number (i.e. Permanent Race Number) when registering for this year’s marathon. 

3) Applicants who gained the race qualification for January 3rd Xiamen Marathon.

4) 500 applicants for Run for Charity. Registration is on a first come first served basis. No need for the draw. Registration will be closed when full. 

5. The organizing committee will notify the result of lottery selection through SMS, email, etc. in 3 work days after the registration deadline. Applicants can also find the result on Personal Center of the official website.

6. Applicants to be rejected from registration: 

1) Applicants who are under suspension penalty by CAA for violating relevant event rules; 

2) Applicants who are under suspension penalty by the organizing committee for violating relevant rules.

7. Please read Guide for Packet Pick-up announced on our official website, WeChat and Weibo for packet pick-up.

8 For unsettled matters among the above, please read Registration Notice on our official website, WeChat and Weibo.

 (V) Registration Fee

1. Domestic contestants (including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan): RMB¥200/person;

2. Overseas contestants: USD$50/person;

3. Run for Charity: RMB2000/person;

4. Free of charge for top athletes, contestants with Xiamen Marathon Permanent Race Number.

 (VI) Race packet shall not be given and registration fee shall not be refunded to those who have received the race qualification but incapable of participation. 


I) Ranking Prize

1. Event Prize (by gun time)

1) Awarded to: All regular contestants (not including pacers) 

2) Awarding standards: see below race result and the respective awards (in RMB)











Less than 2:14:00



Less than 2:31:30


2:14:00 and above


2:31:30 and above



Less than 2:14:00



Less than 2:31:30


2:14:00 and above


2:31:30 and above



Less than 2:14:00



Less than 2:31:30


2:14:00 and above


2:31:30 and above





















2. Xiamen Citizens’ Prize (by net time)

1) Awarded to: Contestants with Xiamen citizenship prior to the registration deadline (CAA registered contestants are not included).

2) Age divisions: men and women age 20 - 40 (i.e., born from 1981 to 2001); men and women over age 40 (i.e., born before 1981).

3) Awarding standards: Top 12 finishers in each group will be awarded prizes (in RMB) and medals.
























(II) Xiamen Marathon Record-breaking Prize (for the First Prize only)

By gun time

USD$30,000 will be awarded for breaking the Xiamen Marathon record (for men and women);






2015   C&D Xiamen Marathon


 Moses Mosop



2015   C&D Xiamen Marathon


 Mare   Dibaba



 (III) Awards Receiving

1. The list of winners will be publicized on the official website for 10 workdays up from the next day after the race. For any objection to the awarded results during the period of publicity, please contact the competition office of the organizing committee and provide authentic and valid evidence. The rank of anyone who is reported to have violated the race rules and relevant regulations, if proven true after investigation, will be canceled. The rank will not be supplemented in this situation. 

2. Winners of Ranking Prize, Xiamen Marathon Record-breaking Prize will receive the doping control. The rank and awards of those who fail to pass the doping control will be canceled, and the rank will not be supplemented.

3. The awards of Ranking Prize, Xiamen Marathon Record-breaking Prize will be given out after the publication of the race results and the doping control result is accepted. 

4. Prize winners shall provide valid personal bank account number, a photocopy of ID with signature and the contact number. 

5. Runners who win both Ranking Prize and Xiamen Marathon Record-breaking Prize will only be given the higher award. 

 (IV) According to relevant Chinese tax laws, the above-mentioned prizes are subject to personal income tax, which will be paid by the organizing committee on behalf of all the winners. 

 (V) The race T-shirt, race bag, bib number, disposable timing chip will be provided by the organizing committee. 

 (VI) Contestants need to finish the race within the cut-off time to receive the finishers’ medals. 


(I) In order to enhance the management of sportsmanship and discipline in racing, the organizing committee strictly prohibits private transferring (selling) or receiving (buying) race qualifications. Anyone who tries to race by taking the place of another runner, sharing or counterfeiting bib numbers or using nonofficial bib numbers, will be prohibited from entering the course. If any of these cases are founded, the violator will be facing lifelong ban of participating in any event held by the Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee, and will be reported to Chinese Athletic Association for additional penalties. All the consequences arising from taking the place of another runner, sharing or counterfeiting bib numbers and other violations will be borne by the violator. In case of economic loss and severe consequences resulted, the violator might be held legally liable. 

 (II) Video surveillance will be carried out by the organizing committee at the start line, every 5 km timing points, retracing point and the finish line during the race. Violators in the following cases will face corresponding penalties, which include disqualifying from the race, canceling the race result, 1-2 years or lifelong ban of the race. The organizing committee will also report to Chinese Athletic Association for additional penalties.

1. Racing with another’s timing chip, or with two or more timing chips;  

2. Not following the start order and start at non-designated area;

3. Violating the rules when starting;

4. Racing in relay;

5. Continuing racing after cut-off time or re-enter the course after dropping out of the race;

6. Not racing along the course, taking shortcut or public transportation; 

7. Crossing the finish line repeatedly or not completing the whole distance but crossing the finish line to get finishers’ medal and souvenirs;

8. Staying near the start and finish line or in the course (such as dancing, performing, taking pictures or other behaviors that affect others’ racing);

9. Not carrying bib number to pass the finish line;

10. Counterfeiting bib number, crossing the finish line to get finishers’ medal with bib number from other races or previous Xiamen Marathon races;

11. Getting qualification by using fake information or by pretending to be an overseas applicant;   

12. Uncivil behaviors (e.g. open defecation, littering, trampling on the flowers and grass, etc.); 

13. Not following with staff order, rioters disturbing the race order;

14. Running with a stroller or a pet;

15. Other behaviors violating the race rules and regulations.


(I) Contestants shall buy their own insurance.

(II) The committee will offer a life accident insurance for each contestant, the policy of which shall be subject to the registered information. Applicants will be held liable if invalidly insured due to false information.

 XIV. Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee

(I) Registration Office Tel: +86-0592-5372205/5372206

(II) Registration Office Email: bmc@xmim.org 

(III) Official Website: http://www.xmim.org  

(IV) Address: No.2 Tiyu Road, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China

XV. The organizing committee of Xiamen Marathon reserves the right to interpret the regulations. Further notice will be given for unmentioned issues.

Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee

March 2021