C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021

Registration Notice of C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021

Registration Notice of C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021

I. Race Information

(I) Race Date: 7:30a.m. Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

(II) Event: Marathon (42.195KM)

(III) Event capacity: 12,000 

(IV) Divisions: Individual Marathon (Men, Women);

(V) Start waves: The race will start in separate waves. Further instructions will be given according to applications.  

(VI). Race Course

The Start & Finish: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center

Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center (The Start) → Huizhan Road → South Huizhan Road → East Island Ring Blvd → South Island Ring Blvd → Yanwu Bridge → Lujiang Ave → South Hubin Road (Retracing Point) → Lujiang Ave → Yanwu Bridge →South Island Ring Blvd→ East Island Ring Blvd (Retracing Point)→ South Huizhan Road → Huizhan Road → Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center (The Finish).

II. Important Information

(I) There will be four stages of registration for C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021: pre-registration, lottery selection, payment upon being selected in lottery and waiting list lottery selection. Applicants shall complete pre-registration to go through lottery selection. Applicants selected in the lottery shall proceed with payment within the required time (9:00 Nov 30-17:00 Dec 2, 2020) to ensure successful registration. Failing to pay in time will be regarded as waiver of the qualification, which will be released to the waiting list applicants who have paid for replacement. Qualification for the race is limited to the applicants themselves and must not be transferred.  

(II) Applicants must provide valid and correct information for race registration. The organizing committee will verify the authenticity. False information will result in disqualifying the race.  

 (III) In cases of uncivilized behaviors during the race (such as open defecation, littering or other behaviors that affect others’ running or safety, etc.), the organizing committee has the right to cancel the contestant’s race result and report to Chinese Athletics Association for additional penalties.

 (IV) Epidemic Prevention Notice

1). Conscientiously implement the relevant decisions and deployments of the national, provincial, and municipal governments on the prevention and control of the covid-19. All contestants should not have been to middle or high risk areas, nor have any records of in and out of China mainland within 21 days before the race. 

2). All China mainland contestants should register APP “闽政通”(Minzhengtong, Fujian Public Service) and apply for Health Code to participate in the race. Foreign runners (including those from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) who work and live in China mainland can apply for Health Code through APP “国家政务服务平台”(General Office of the State Council) for participation. 

3). All contestants should provide a negative report of nucleic acid test when picking up the race packet. The report date should be within 7 days before the race, and the sampling agency must be listed in the national nucleic acid testing agencies in the Mini-app “General Office of the State Council”. Only with this report and the green Health Code, can runners receive the packet. 

4) Temporary observation stations and infrared thermometers will be set up at the packet place. Contestants must wear masks throughout the pick-up. If the contestant's body temperature is 37.3℃ or even higher, please go to the nearest temporary observation station. Only when the temperature goes down to lower than 37.3℃ within half an hour, can the contestant receive the packet.

(V) Contacts for registration inquiry:

Tel: 0592-5372205/5372206, Fax: 0592-5372100

Working hours: 9:00a.m. - 12:00 p.m., 2:30p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

Email: bmc@xmim.org

For more information on C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021, please go to official website www.xmim.org or follow in WeChat xiamenmls.

III. Registration Information

(I) Application Date: 10:00 Nov 23 – 15:00 Nov 27, 2020

(II) Lottery Selection and Waiting List payment time:

1)Payment upon Lottery Selection: 9:00 Nov 30 – 17:00 Dec 2, 2020

2)Waiting list payment: 9:00 Nov 30 – 17:00 Dec 2, 2020

 (III) Age requirement: All contestants shall be at least 20 years old by race year (born in 31 December 2000 or before).

(IV) Physical requirement: Marathon is an athletic sport of high load and great intensity over long distances. It is also a high-risk athletic sport which has high physical demands on contestants. Those who wish to participate in Marathon race shall be in healthy condition with long-term experiences in long-distance running and have confirmed the relevant regulations in the Participant Statement. Anyone who has any of the following diseases is prohibited to participate in the race:    

1. Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease.

2. Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease.

3. Myocarditis and other heart diseases.

4. Coronary artery disease and server irregular heartbeat.

5. Diabetes.

6. Having cold symptoms two weeks prior to the race.

7. Pregnant.

8. Other diseases not suitable for sports.

(IV) Registration  

1. Event capacity: 12,000. Pre-registration is adopted. Applicants will be selected in lottery if applications exceed the maximum quantity. 

2. Team registration shall not be acceptable.

3. Please log into the official website (www.xmim.org) or follow in WeChat (xiamenmls) in specified time for pre-registration.  

4. Verification and lottery selection: Nov 28 -30, 2020.

5. Payment upon being selected in lottery and Waiting list 

1) Please log into the official website for lottery selection result, which will also be sent by SMS by the organizing committee. For applicants selected in lottery, please proceed with payment within Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2020. Failing to pay in time will be regarded as waiver of the qualification. 

2) When the lottery results are given, payment will also be open for those unselected in lottery. Please pay close attention to your SMS or email. Unsuccessful payment by deadline will be considered as waiver of the waiting list. 

3) Vacancies left by those selected in lottery but fail to pay in time, will be given by the organizing committee to the unselected applicants who have paid in waiting list. Waiting list results will be notified by SMS or email on Dec 3, 2020.  

6. Applicants having direct qualification for the race:

1) Top athletes invited by the organizing committee. 

2) Applicants with Xiamen Marathon Permanent Race Number. Runners who have participated in Xiamen Marathon for accumulative 10 years and have finished the race within the cut-off time (subject to history race results) can apply for their own race number (i.e. Permanent Race Number) when registering for the marathon of this year. 

3) Applicants who have reached XQ (Xiamen Marathon Qualifying Times) will have direct qualification for the race (Priority Pass), according to their age group and rankings. 

Qualification for Priority Pass will be based on applicants’ personal best result of “A-Level” events happened during January 2018 – November 2020. These events should be authenticated by CAA, and the result shall be found on http://www.runchina.org.cn/.

Qualifying Standards for Xiamen Marathon Priority Pass 

(in different age groups and quantity of runners)

Age Group



Result for Priority Pass

Quantity of runners

Result for Priority Pass

Quantity of runners












































4) Applicants who have won the “Priority Pass” in running events operated by Xiamen Media Group Sports Co., Ltd and whose age meets the rules and regulations of this race.

5) 500 applicants for Run for Charity. Registration is on a first come first served basis. No need for the lottery selection. Registration will be closed when full. 

5. Other applicants will be selected in lottery for qualification.

6. For Xiamen citizens (subject to ID or Residence Permit obtained prior to the registration deadline) who are NOT selected in lottery, the organizing committee will have an extra selection in lottery of 500 from them. 

7. The organizing committee will notify the result of lottery selection through SMS, email, etc. in 3 days after the registration deadline. Applicants can also find the result on Personal Center of the official website.

8. Applicants to be rejected from registration: 

1) Applicants who are under suspension penalty by CAA for violating relevant event rules; 

2) Applicants who are under suspension penalty by the organizing committee for violating relevant rules.

10. Please read Guide for Participants Packet Pick-up which being announced on our official website, WeChat and Weibo for packet pick-up.

11. For unsettled matters among the above, please read Registration Notice on our official website, WeChat and Weibo.

 (V) Registration Fee

1. Domestic contestants (including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan): RMB¥200/person;

2. Overseas contestants: USD$50/person;

3. Run for Charity: RMB2000/person;

4. Free of charge for contestants with Xiamen Marathon Permanent Race Number.

5. Payment method: Alipay, WeChat Pay.

6. Registration fee shall not be refunded to those who have received the race qualification but incapable of participation.

 (VI) Ways of registration:

1. Please log into the official website of Xiamen Marathon www.xmim.org for online registration.

2. Please log into Xiamen Marathon in WeChat xiamenmls and click on “event registration”.

 (VII) Running with flags, banners, slogans or non-official pace balloons are not encouraged. The organizing committee will open a timely application for them. Contestants with such requirements shall apply for it, and will be allocated to the last corral with the last wave. Contestants without this application will be disallowed to carry the above items to the race field. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

(IX) Registration procedure

IV. Please read Xiamen Marathon Guide for Packet Pick-up.  

V. Further notice will be given for unmentioned matters. The notice is subject to this release and Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret it. 

Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee

Nov 2020